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We’re coffee enthusiasts…

We are a coffee-centric establishment.  Whether you crave a black coffee with lots of sugar for your morning commute, want to relax while sipping an afternoon espresso in our shop, or would prefer to enjoy your iced vanilla latte while lying on the beach...  We are confident you will be happy with your selection.  This is not to say that coffee is all we do.  We have a great selection of fresh baked goods and desserts from local bakeries, a nice selection of teas and other drinks, and a menu that will gradually expand as we figure out what to offer next. 

In our effort to satisfy every palate, we feature light single-origin roasts in addition to blends as extreme as the Dead Man's Brew (guaranteed to banish the three o’clock blues). We use the organic Arise Espresso bean to make great americanos, lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and more. Beyond drip coffee and espresso-based drinks, we also feature rotating cold brews on tap and a daily pour-over of the day.

…but we’re not coffee snobs.

Sure, we want to expand your coffee choices and cater to your coffee preferences. But you won’t find any coffee snobs at Drifting Grounds. We don’t sneer at flavored syrups (who doesn’t like a shot of vanilla once in a while?). We won’t raise our eyebrows if you’ve never heard of some rare bean that comes from a place only Indiana Jones could find.

It’s a big world of coffee out there, and we’re learning all the time. We just want to share our favorites and new finds with you.

Our coffee: Globally sourced, locally roasted, brewed with pride.

Drifting Grounds took the search for a coffee supplier seriously—because great coffee doesn’t happen without superlative beans. We’re proud to partner with Homestead Coffee Roasters  to bring you exceptional coffee. Homestead’s coffee is roasted in a 19th-century barn, just steps from Delaware River. Their beans are chosen with conscience, care, and with a selective but adventurous taste. Homestead’s owners and roast masters are consummate craftsmen. They search the world for its best coffees and the best ways to brew them. We at Drifting Grounds work closely with this remarkable supplier to bring you some of the best coffee in the area.





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